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  联系电话:+86 898 65913136
  传真:+86 898 65915003
  附件: 海南经贸职业技术学院2019—2020年聘用外籍教师计划表

Announcement of Hainan College of Economics and Business on the Recruitment of Foreign Teachers
Founded in 1984, Hainan College of Economics and Business is a state-owned public college that focuses on cultivating high-quality technical and skilled talents in economy and trade fields. The school is located in Jiangdong New District of Haikou City, covering an area of 1,032 mu and a building area of 360,000 square meters. Boasting of complete facilities and beautiful environment, it is the ideal place to do scholarly research and seek knowledge.Adhering to opening-up and development, being active in expanding exchanges and cooperation, the school has carried out international exchanges and cooperation with more than 30 universities in nearly 20 countries and regions including Russia, Belarus, South Korea, Malaysia, Denmark and Taiwan, which has effectively promoted the development of teaching and scientific research and the improvement of the level of internationalization of education.
I. Recruitment post
For details, please refer to the annex: "Schedule for the Recruitment of Foreign Teachers in 2019-2020, Hainan College of Economics and Business"
II. Recruitment requirement
1. Qualification requirement: a foreign teachear in language is required to be a native English speaker, and have at least a bachelor's degree and more than two years of experience in teaching native language;
2. Workload: 16 class hours per week;
3. Good health and qualified physical examination.
III. Term of contract: 11 months (September 1, 2019-July 31, 2020)
IV. Salary treatment
A monthly salary of RMB 9,000-11,000 yuan (after the contract expires, the employing party shall pay the employed party a one-time travel fee of RMB 10,000 yuan).After the work at the school reaches one year,if both parties renew the contract, the salary shall be increased according to the performance of the work.
V. Other benefits
Free service for multiple-entry work visa, residence permit and medical insurance for the employed party and provide her/him with apartment housing (equipped with kitchen and toilet, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, network and living furniture).
VI. Application mode
Applicant shall provide the following documents and send their electronic version to hnjm3136@163.com
1. Applicant's resume;
2. Scanned certificates of academic degree (education) certified by China's embassy or consulate abroad or the embassy or consulate in China of the country where the degree (education) is obtained by the applicant or a Chinese academic degree accreditation agency;
3. At least two letters of recommendation from recent work units;
4. Scanned copy of the first page of the passport;
5. Certificate of non-criminal record issued by the police, security, court or other authorities of the applicant's country of nationality or habitual residence and certified by China's embassy or consulate abroad or the embassy or consulate in China of the foreign country (valid within half a year).
6. Applicant's full-face bareheaded photo taken within 6 months
VII. Deadline: Long-term validity
VIII. Contact information
Contact person: Ms. Lin
Contact phone: +86 898 65913136
Fax: +86 898 65915003
E-mail: hnjm3136@163.com
School homepage: www.hceb.edu.cn
Address:  Hainan College of Economics and Business, Guilinyang University District, Haikou City, Hainan Province
  Schedule for the Recruitment of Foreign Teachers in 2019-2020, Hainan College of Economics and Business
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